2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs, Kit Reliability, Seats

2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs, Kit Reliability, SeatsIt’s been 45 years since Honda introduced the 2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs, and what a ride it’s been. Recent generations have produced some duds, but others have achieved enormous success. Honda’s tenth-generation Civic, which goes on sale in 2024, is based on Honda’s new compact global platform and features a fastback body style as well as significant interior upgrades over prior versions. The best part is that the Civic Type R hatchback is finally making its way to the United States, but there is also a new Si.

2024 Honda Civic Si Redesign

Exterior Design

For the sake of clarity, the new 2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs┬áis 96.3 percent (or thereabouts) similar to the previous generation of Civic coupes. Because of this, we won’t go over things you’ve previously seen and are probably not interested in hearing about. Let’s begin by discussing the use of gloss black in the design. Look at how much more beautiful the Si’s chrome and grayish-black trim looks in comparison to the basic Civic! Inserts for the faux corner vents, the air dam mesh, the upper and lower radiator grille fins, and the eyelids over the headlights all fall under this category.

2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs Exterior
2024 Honda Civic Si Exterior

Honeycomb mesh is used to cover the lower air dam at the front, which would otherwise have large corner intakes blocked. If you look closely, the right impostor has a little hole (nine honeycombs in size to be exact) that functions as an engine cool air inlet. Those phony corner intakes do support a pair of circular fog lights. However, the upper edge of the air dam is closed off for aesthetic reasons. The engine bay could have benefited from some additional cooling while also presenting a more intimidating frontal appearance, but Honda chose to stick with the same hood as the lower-end models.

Interior Design

Seeing the new 2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs interior for the first time in late 2024 was an eye-opening experience for potential purchasers. Multiple screens and the two-tiered dash are gone, replaced by sleeker lines and a more modern appearance. While the instrument panel lies directly in front of the steering wheel, a center-mounted touchscreen serves as the vehicle’s entertainment center. On the other hand, the interior of the Si has a few special features that set it apart from the competition.

2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs Interior
2024 Honda Civic Si Interior

To begin, the interior is primarily black, with red contrast stitching on the steering wheel, seats, door trim panels, and the shifter boot to provide just the right amount of contrast in such a constrained space. Si models are distinguished by having red backlighting in the instrument panel and infotainment display, rather than the flat-bottomed steering wheel found on other Hondas.

2024 Honda Civic Si Engine

The turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine found in the Civic EX and Touring trim levels replaces the 2.0-liter one seen in the LX model. This engine delivers 174 hp and 154 lb-ft of torque in a basic Civic. Just enough to get the task done on time and without running out of time. However, for something sporting a Si badge, that simply isn’t good enough.

2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs Engine
2024 Honda Civic Si Engine

The turbocharged nature of this 1.5-liter means that maximum horsepower and torque are substantially lower in the powerband, resulting in a better driving experience even though horsepower stayed the same. In addition, it’s lighter, which means it’ll accelerate more quickly out of the gate. Power is always sent to the front wheels through a six-speed short-throw manual transmission. The lack of all-wheel drive in the Honda Si is disappointing, but the improved steering, sport-tuned suspension, and variable dampers more than make up for it.

2024 Honda Civic Si Release Date and Price

You may anticipate paying little more than you would for a Civic Touring before extras, taxes, and delivery charges, but Honda hasn’t provided pricing details yet. A reasonable estimate for the New 2024 Honda Civic Si Turbo Specs MSRP is somewhere around $27,000, according to Honda. To put it in context, the base price of the Civic Touring is $26,225.